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22 Sep 2017

Invisible Hearing Aids – Steps In Making Them

Screen Shot 2017 09 22 at 11.47.40 am

The Starkey SoundLens is a tiny invisible hearing aid that fits deeply and comfortably down the ear canal. We see a lot of clients who want these invisible hearing aids, are you wondering how they are made?
Step1: we inspect the ear canal and ensure that that is no wax blocking the ear canal and check there are no other medical reasons not to continue on to taking an impression (a cast of your ear).
Step 2: the impression of the ear canal is which used to make the hearing aid to your individual ear canal size and shape.  To take the impression we first put a cotton block deep down in the ear canal, this prevents any impression material -that has a consistency similar to playdough - reaching the ear drum.  The impression material then goes in and we wait a few minutes while it sets before we gently remove it.
Step 3: the impression is sent to Starkey (hearing aid manufacturer) who use it to make the shell of the hearing aid. The electronics are housed inside the shell. The hearing aid is then tested to ensure the electronics meet specifications and all is working as it should be before it is sent back to us ready for fitting to our clients.

Find out more HERE or contact Melbourne Audiology Centre for an Appointment or call us on 1300 761 021.

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