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28 Nov 2016

Everyone benefits when you help someone you love do something about a hearing loss.


Seniors who use hearing aids have reported significant improvements in many areas of their lives such as relationships at home, sense of independence and self-confidence. In addition, the families of hearing aid users also noticed the improvements and were more likely than the hearing aid users to report improvements1.  Family members reported improvements in relationships at home, quality of life overall and how well the hearing aid user related to children or grandchildren.

Your hearing is vital for verbal communication and it's not surprising that there are many benefits of improving hearing, not only for the hearing aid user but for all the people that they communicate with. Benefits for family and friends include:

  • Fewer misunderstandings
  • Fewer arguments over the TV volume
  • Not having to repeat yourself multiple times
  • Acceptance of more invitations to social gatherings
  • Better participation and communication family gatherings
  • and lots more

Pensioners and veterans can receive FREE hearing services**.  Help someone you know to better hearing in 3 easy steps.

Why are there so many older people with hearing impairment who do not use hearing aids? 

Reasons include the stigma of hearing loss and cost of hearing aids.  Have you heard anyone say: "my hearing is not bad enough", “I can get along without one", “it would make me feel old,"  "I'm too embarrassed to wear one" or "they are too expensive".  For pensioners and veterans, the cost should not be a barrier to purchasing hearing aids as most pensioners will be eligible for FREE hearing services and hearing devices under the Government's Office of Hearing Services (OHS) program.  Contact us for more information.


** Conditions apply under the Government's Office of Hearing Services program.