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28 Sep 2017

Hearing Aid Solution For The Young, Young At Heart And The Stylish

hannah morgan 39891

Liam fitted the 100% invisible and 100% amazing Starkey SoundLens, here’s his and our client’s experience.  “I saw Mrs. E. for a discussion about trying her first ever pair of hearing aids. She knew she was having trouble hearing. She explained to me that she’d never worn hearing aids before, but had started to realise that she needed them to keep up with the pace of her busy lifestyle. She works in fashion retail and is young, stylish and fashion conscious, so she said that she would prefer something discreet if it were possible.
I offered for Mrs. E. to try a set of demonstration hearing aids that I had in the clinic that are quite discreet.  As a first time hearing aid user, I wanted her to try the hearing aids for a week to experience the sound quality, performance and cosmetic appeal. She found that these hearing aids, which sat behind the ear, were too conspicuous for her taste and caused her discomfort with her glasses.  However she loved her greatly improved hearing and the fact that she was not so tired at the end of a working day. We discussed a possible invisible solution for her: the Starkey SoundLens.
The SoundLens is almost like a contact lens for your ears. It is a super small, incredibly discreet, custom-made hearing aid that sits deep inside the ear canal for the most invisible looking hearing solution possible, and Mrs. E was keen to try it.
Mrs. E loved the SoundLens from the first moment that she put them on. She said that they looked brilliant (actually you can’t see them at all), and that her family and friends couldn’t see the hearing aids. That combined with improved hearing and all the benefits that good hearing provide made Mrs. E very happy indeed.”
Liam has Masters of Clinical Audiology and is an Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist.  Liam works at our Sunshine, Fitzroy and Werribee hearing centres.

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