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27 Jun 2017

Granny having some trouble with her hearing? Pensioners free hearing tests and services. Call us now.

alex harvey 44062

Signs of hearing loss include mishearing or saying that young people mumble. Pensioners may be eligible for free hearing services and hearing aids under the Australian Government’s Office of Hearing Services (OHS) program. 

Conversation involves multiple people, so when speaking with older people like your grandparents, have you noticed any issues with their hearing?  Or if you are a grandparent, do you think young people mumble and could it be your hearing?

Melbourne Audiology Centre is an accredited provider of hearing services under the OHS program. When we fit suitable hearing aids to people with hearing loss and assist them become accustomed to sounds again, we notice that a lot of the communication issues disappear and conversations are easier.  The first step in solving any verbal communication issues is to have a hearing test and check whether hearing loss can be the cause. Please contact MAC for more information and to book your hearing test.

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Image Credit : @alexharvey