Busy day?  Are you more exhausted than you think you should be? Could it be because you're working hard to hear properly? 

At Melbourne Audiology Centre we can help you.  By improving your hearing with the latest hearing instruments with BrainHearing™ technology, you can have more energy during your day.


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30 Oct 2014

Complimentary Home or Office Hearing Instrument Trials

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Hearing loss can be tiring. The less sound information your brain receives, the harder it has to work to make sense of it. This is what makes a hearing loss tiring.  Oticon hearing aids with BrainHearing™ technology are designed to preserve as much natural sound detail as possible, thus reducing the energy needed just for hearing.

Special Offers - get ready for Christmas and the holidays

Melbourne Audiology Centre and Oticon are thrilled to be able to offer complementary take-home hearing instrument trials so you can experience the benefits of BrainHearing™ technology for yourself.

Try before you buy*

Experience the benefits of BrainHearing™ technology for yourself with our complimentary home or office trials.  Please call us on 1300 761 021 or make an enquiry.

Offer 1: Receive $500 off*

Receive $500 off when your purchase a pair of BrainHearing™ technology hearing instruments.


Offer 2: SAVE 10% on your new aids when you trade in your current hearing aids*

Trade in your current hearing aids and SAVE 10% off your new BrainHearing™ technology hearing instruments.

Book your trial. OFFER EXTENDED to December 23

* Conditions apply. Offers available until December 23 2014.

Brainhearing™ technology

The more detailed information the brain receives the easier it is to identify and understand what you hear. BrainHearing™ technology is designed to support your brain by providing as much natural sound detail as possible, thus reducing the energy needed just for hearing.  BrainHearing™ technology:

  • Helps both ears work together
  • Recognizes and preserves natural speech
  • Separates speech from background noise
  • Co-ordinates how sound is best understood by your brain

Introducing the world's first wireless IIC and the award-winning designRITE hearing intruments

Oticon's BrainHearing™ technology is available in a new discreet range of hearing instruments. 

The Oticon IIC (Invisible In the Canal) hearing instrument is the first wireless IIC hearing instrument.  Oticon's new IIC instruments with wireless technology make it possible to combine all the benefits of invisible hearing devices, outstanding listening performance, wireless access to communication and entertainment plus an optional remote control.  Hidden deep in the ear canal it's protected from weather and wind, and takes advantage of natural ear acoustics to provide a natural sound.

The new award winning designRITE hearing instrument is sleek, stylish, comfortable to wear and barely noticeable.