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9 Jun 2017

Are your ears ringing?

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Are your ears ringing after going to see your favourite musicians at the Melbourne International Jazz festival?   The most likely cause is that the music was too loud. After a loud gig, you may experience a temporary reduction in hearing and also temporary tinnitus for up to 48hours.  
If, however you suffer from long term tinnitus and it bothers you, we offer a hearing and tinnitus consultation.  During this 1 hour consultation, we will test your hearing and give you recommendations on how to manage your tinnitus. If your tinnitus is very distressing, or you are having difficulty sleeping or concentrating because of your tinnitus, you will need to book with one of our tinnitus specialists.  Our tinnitus specialists each have over 10 years’ experience helping people with moderate to severe tinnitus to better manage their tinnitus.  Read more about how we can help people who are concerned about their tinnitus.

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