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13 Oct 2017

A client’s story - The case of ‘Glue Ear’ and presbyacusis

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Our Audiologist Liam writes about ‘Glue Ear’ or ‘fluid in the middle ear’ in an adult client. “When I first met Mrs. B about month ago, her left ear felt completely blocked and her hearing did not feel right.  After testing her hearing, I discovered that she had a significant middle ear infection and the middle ear cavity was full of fluid (what is commonly known as “glue ear”) in her left ear.  Glue ear is fairly common in young children and less common in adults.  In Mrs. B situation “glue ear’ was causing her hearing loss and blocked ear sensation.

I sent Mrs. B back to her doctor, who referred her to the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital for treatment. The Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists at the hospital were able to treat her ear infection and consequently her hearing improved dramatically.  With improved hearing and the blocked sensation diminishing in the left ear, she began to feel much better.

I saw Mrs. B again today, her hearing in the left ear was much improved and the infection had cleared, however she still has some hearing loss which is caused by the gradual effect of aging on the ears. This type of hearing loss is called presbyacusis and often described as ‘nerve deafness’; the treatment for this type of loss is hearing aids.  Mrs. B decided to get some hearing aids from the Government’s Office of Hearing Services (OHS) Program to assist her.  With her ear infection cleared and some new hearing aids, Mrs. B is hearing very well and feeling rejuvenated.”

Liam has Masters of Clinical Audiology and is an Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist.  Liam works at our Sunshine, Fitzroy and Werribee hearing centres.

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