The latest hearing aids use artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide an even clearer sound.  For example, the Oticon More hearing aids use machine learning in their Deep Neural Network (DNN).

Oticon recorded sound scenes from the real world using a special spherical microphone.  This microphone collect sounds from real-life situations.  They recorded 12 million real-life sound scenes and used this information to train a DNN.  The Oticon More hearing aids DNN enables virtually all sounds in the world to be handled precisely and automatically.  Each individual sound is delivered with detail and clarity.

The Oticon More hearing aids scan the full sound scene 500 times per second.  The hearing aid analyses these sounds and precisely organises them around the user.  It then uses the DNN vast training from real life sound scenes to process and amplify the sounds.  This improves accuracy and creates contrast between sounds.  The brain has access to the all the sound information it needs to make sense of what you a hearing.  Speech is clearer.  You hear more of the little details.  You hear speech coming from all sides better.

Enjoy high-quality streaming from compatible iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Rechargeable in just 3-hours for a full day’s power.

Available in eight colours to match your skin, hair and personality.

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