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Welcome To Melbourne Audiology Centre

At Melbourne Audiology Centre (MAC), we offer dedicated hearing care in a welcoming, caring environment. Our qualified audiologists have experience across all areas of hearing health, from hearing tests and hearing aids selection to tinnitus management, auditory processing assessments, ear wax removal, and more. Whether you’re a pensioner or veteran, somebody who works in a noisy environment, or interested in your hearing health for any reason, we’re here to help at any of our eight clinics across Melbourne located at Fitzroy, Sunshine, Werribee, Thomastown, Dandenong, Templestowe, Moorabbin & Burnside Heights. We also service surrounding suburbs.

Hearing Services Melbourne

Hearing Services

We offer a range of hearing services, including diagnostic clinical hearing tests, hearing aid fittings, tinnitus assessments and management options, hearing protection, and more.


Hearing Tests

Hearing tests allow our audiologists to detect any hearing impairments you may have so we can assist with appropriate treatment options.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are designed to amplify sounds, helping you to enhance social connections, regain independence, and improve your overall well-being.

Tinnitus Management

We offer various options for tinnitus management, including sound amplification technology, sound therapy, and tinnitus counselling to alleviate the effects tinnitus may have on your life.

Auditory Processing Assessments

We take a team approach to the management of Auditory Processing Disorder, utilising environmental modifications, direct intervention, and compensatory strategies.

Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax (cerumen) can build up in the ear canal and may lead to temporary hearing loss, tinnitus, earaches, and more. We aim to resolve these issues using micro-suction, ear wax removal tools, or a combination of both.


Who We Are

We understand that each person’s hearing health differs from the next, so there’s no one approach that suits everybody. At our clinics, our focus is on the care that you need and deserve. No matter your age or lifestyle, we believe everybody has the right to hearing care, which is what we offer with the backing of years of experience.

Having served the Melbourne community since 2001, our qualified team of audiologists is well-known for delivering compassionate and understanding care. We take the time to conduct diagnostic hearing tests to determine which, if any, hearing difficulties you may be facing. Once we have the information we need, we work with you in a friendly yet professional manner— whether that be in English, Greek, Italian, Spanish or another language! Our aim is to help you feel as comfortable as possible in every way, from the way we converse to the way we provide our hearing care.

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Hearing Care For All

For All Hearing Conditions
We provide care for all hearing conditions, including hearing loss, tinnitus, Auditory Processing Disorder, and more.

For All Patients
We work with patients of all ages and abilities, including veterans, pensioners, people with NDIS plans, and more.


Why Melbourne Audiology Centre?

We Speak Your Language

We have team members fluent in multiple languages, including Greek, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin Macedonian, Polish, Bulgarian, and Russian, helping you to feel even more at ease.

Exceptional Care

All of our staff are dedicated to your hearing health and overall well-being above all else, offering a compassionate and friendly approach in addition to a wealth of audiology knowledge.


As a commission-free clinic, we provide sincere and honest care based on your needs and goals without being driven by the need to make sales or reach targets.

20+ Years of Service

MAC was established in 2001 and has been delivering unparalleled hearing care and services to the people of Melbourne ever since.

Convenient Locations

We have clinics located in Fitzroy, Sunshine, Werribee, Burnside Heights, Thomastown, Templestowe, Dandenong, and Moorabbin, making us easy to access wherever you are in Melbourne.

Experienced Team

Our qualified audiologists are highly qualified in all aspects of hearing care, ensuring you’ll be in the best of hands.

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Experience The MAC Difference

At MAC, our dedication to you is what sets us apart. As independent, commission-free clinics, our care comes without pressure and is based on what you need in order to live your life to the fullest. All of our clinics make use of the latest equipment to ensure the highest accuracy of results. And, we’re fully independent – meaning you’ll always have choices, and never be steered towards one brand or option.

Our experienced audiologists and customer service staff are ready to welcome you— come and experience the MAC difference today.